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Watch Anatomy

There are many definitions of horology availabe but in general horology is the art of science of measuring time. The word horology is derived from the greek word ὥρα, “hour, time” and Greek: λόγος, logos, “study, speech”. Clocks, watches, clockwork, sundials, clepsydras, timers, time recorders and marine chronometers are all examples of instruments used to measure time. This time I would like to share my interest of the world of horology, my interest in watches. Let us learn some basic things about watches to be specific; its framework or in other words “anatomy” hehe. The pictures shown below are the watch “anatomy”

Anatomy Jam

Anatomy Jam

I hope the picture above is clear and understandable for all of us :). Besides that, for watches there are basically 4 types of watches that is basically available in the market.

a) Analog watch
b) Digital watch
c) Combo/ana-digi watch.(combindation of analog and digital)
d) Pocket watch

The figures are as shown in the figure below:

Besides that there are two terminology used in watch strap which are strap and bracelet. The term strap refers to watch strap that made of rubber, leather, plastic or fabrics. Meanwhile the terms bracelet refers to watch strap made of steel ( gold, titanium, stainless steel etc.)

Well I guess that would be all for now, I’ll update it again soon…



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